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sys_intro_sysdesign Introducing Systec Designs BV


Systec Designs develops high end wireless solutions, mainly focused on the Internet of Things (IoT).

We have over 15 years of experience in wireless data transfer by radio signals (RF). Hence, we developed electronics for monitoring and control of air quality systems, and (mesh) networks of internet connected sensors. Also (internet controlled) NFC-access control is a part of our porfolio.






Our knowledge and experience include all elements of the IoT-chain, so we can add value to numerous fields like construction, distribution and health care.

With in-house development of hardware, software and prototypes, we can deliver our customers tailored (total) solutions with a minimal time-to-market.


Additionaly, we can offer customers consultancy to support their own development or optimization of an RF frontend, because Systec Designs is commercially completely independent.







Quality of our designs is essential. Hence we have a climate controlled  chamber and an anechoic testing facility at our disposal, which enables us to perform stress and radio tests.


With our advanced facilities, high quality knowledge, clear communication and market-aware vision, we can guarantee our customers a substantial added value to their products.



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