436A Power Meter

The 436A Power Meter is a high-performance digital instrument specifically engineered for precise and reliable measurements of radio-frequency (RF) and microwave power. Its broad compatibility with the entire series of 8480 power sensors enables seamless integration and flexibility in power measurements. Our power meter is complemented by the Power Sensors 8481A and 8484A as well as High-Frequency Probe 85024A, enabling us to achieve accurate and reliable measurements across a wide range of high-frequency applications. Whether you need to determine absolute power values in watts or dBm or assess relative power levels in dB, the 436A Power Meter provides clear and accurate readings for a wide range of power measurement applications.

  • Display readings in Watts, dBm, or dB relative, eliminating measurement conversion
  • Peaking meter for analog adjustments
  • Cal factor to compensate each sensor for improved accuracy
  • Power Reference: Internal 50 MHz oscillator/Type-N output
  • Designed to work seamlessly with the entire series of 8480 power sensors

At Systec Designs, we provide comprehensive services for the 436A Power Meter to support your power measurement needs. Our team of skilled technicians offers calibration, maintenance, and repair services to ensure the optimal performance and accuracy of your power meter. We understand the importance of reliable and precise measurements in your work, and our service offerings are designed to meet the highest quality standards.

Frequency Range

100 kHz – 110 GHz


Hewlett Packard

Power Range

-70 – +44 dBm

Power Accuracy