Single Phase AC Power Source APS-5101

The Twintex APS-5101 Single Phase AC Power Source is a versatile device that provides adjustable and stable AC power for various testing and measurement applications. Its digital control and switching technology enable precise control over voltage, frequency, and other parameters, allowing users to simulate different operating conditions. The power source is a reliable and flexible option for research, development, manufacturing, or education.

  • Full range adjustable output: Low 1 – 150 V, High 150.1 ~ 300 V, resolution 0.1 V

  • Fast output key for 110 V/220 V and 50 Hz/60 Hz

  • Unlimited rotary knob for voltage and frequency adjustment, minimum step 0.001

With the Single Phase AC Power Supply APS-5101, we offer comprehensive testing services for single-phase electronic devices and equipment. Our experienced team utilizes this versatile power source to deliver a precise and reliable power supply for a wide range of testing needs. Whether it’s research, development, or quality control testing, our expertise combined with the APS-5101 ensures accurate and efficient testing results.

Frequency Range

45 – 250 Hz


Twintex Instrument Ltd




21 kg