Digital Microscope ADSM201

The ADSM201 Digital Microscope revolutionizes the way you work on soldering projects. Its high-resolution imaging sensor and adjustable LED lighting ensure clear and detailed visuals, allowing you to see even the tiniest components with exceptional clarity. The microscope offers both HDMI and USB connectivity options, providing flexibility for different setups and seamless integration with various devices.

  • Precise soldering and inspection services
  • Comprehensive analysis and excellent workmanship
  • Enhanced visual clarity and precision for intricate soldering tasks
  • Adjustable LED lighting
  • Capture and record images and videos

At Systec Designs, we leverage the capabilities of this advanced microscope to deliver precise soldering and inspection services, ensuring the quality and reliability of your electronic assemblies. Experience the power of the ADSM201 Digital Microscope and elevate your soldering projects to new heights.


Up to 200X



Imaging Sensor

3 megapixels

Focus range

Manual focus from 10 mm to 150 mm