DRH18-EX Double Ridged Horn Antenna

The DRH18-EX Double Ridged Horn Antenna is a high-performance antenna designed for precise and reliable electromagnetic field measurements in a wide frequency range. With its robust construction and exceptional performance characteristics, it is an essential tool for EMC measurements and RF research.

  • Wide bandwidth
  • Low return loss
  • Individual calibration
  • Extremely durable
  • High quality SMA type coaxial connector
  • High quality N-type coaxial connector

At Systec Designs, we offer comprehensive antenna testing and measurement services using the DRH18-EX Double Ridged Horn Antenna. Our experienced team utilizes this advanced antenna to provide accurate and detailed analysis of electromagnetic fields, ensuring optimal performance and compliance with industry standards. We have the experience and cutting-edge equipment to give dependable and informative insights for antenna testing, EMC testing, and RF research services.

Frequency Range

800 MHz – 18 GHz


RF Spin


0.87 kg

VSWR (avg.)



50 Ohm

Connector Type

N (female), SMA (female)

Power (CW / Peak)

100 W / 170 W