E4407B – Spectrum Analyzer

The E4407B Spectrum Analyzer is a versatile tool for precise frequency analysis in various applications, including wireless communication systems, aerospace, and defense. Its advanced features and high-performance capabilities enable accurate measurement and analysis of RF signals, providing valuable insights for troubleshooting, signal characterization, and optimization.

  • One-millisecond RF sweep time, 45 measurements per second
  • RMS, peak, neg peak, quasi-peak detectors
  • ± 0.4 dB overall amplitude accuracy
  • Optional 1 Hz digital-resolution bandwidth filter and preamplifier
  • -166 dBm sensitivity, with internal preamp, +12.5 dBm TOI
  • Maximum frequency coverage up to 325 GHz with external mixing
  • Variable sweep (trace points) from 2 to 8192
  • Segmented sweep for up to 32 discontinuous spans in one sweep

Systec Designs offers comprehensive services for the E4407B spectrum analyzer, including installation, calibration, and training. Our experienced engineers provide installation, calibration, and training while offering ongoing support and maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

Frequency Range

9 kHz – 26.5 GHz



Sweep Points

101 – 8192

Input Maximum

+30 dBm and 0 Vdc