Logic Analyser LAP-C Pro

The LAP-C Pro Logic Analyser is a powerful and versatile tool for digital signal analysis. With its advanced features, it enables engineers and developers to efficiently analyze and debug digital circuits and systems. Featuring a high sampling rate and large memory depth, it captures and analyzes digital signals with precision and accuracy. Whether you are working on embedded systems, communications protocols, or digital design, the LAP-C Pro is an essential instrument for signal analysis and troubleshooting.

  • Channels: 16 digital channels
  • Memory Depth: Up to 64 Mb per channel
  • Trigger Modes: Edge, Pulse Width, Runt, Logic, and more
  • Advanced Features: Protocol decoding, bus analysis, pattern generation

At Systec Designs, we provide extensive testing and analysis services utilizing the advanced capabilities of the LAP-C Pro Logic Analyser. Our team of skilled technicians leverages this powerful instrument to conduct precise measurements, analyze digital signals, and effectively troubleshoot complex digital systems. With our deep expertise in signal analysis and debugging, we deliver valuable insights and tailored solutions to enhance the performance and reliability of your digital circuits and systems.

Sampling Rate

Up to 2 GHz per channel



Input range

-6 V ~ +6 V

Input impedance

500 kΩ / 10 pF


126 x 95 x 25 mm