Soldering Station 853A

The 853A Infrared Under Heater Station is a reliable tool for precise component heating during rework and soldering processes. It utilizes infrared heating technology to deliver efficient and controlled heat to electronic components, ensuring proper soldering and reflow. With adjustable temperature settings, operators can achieve precise temperature control to meet the requirements of different components and soldering applications.

  • Adjustable temperature settings for precise temperature control
  • Suitable for various electronic components and soldering applications
  • Ceramic heating element
  • Temperature stability: ±1 ℃ (static)

We offer extensive rework and soldering services at Systec Designs, employing the sophisticated 853A Soldering Station. Our expert technicians use this equipment’s capabilities to provide accurate and effective heating for component rework and soldering tasks. With our expertise in thermal management and soldering techniques, we ensure high-quality outcomes and enhance the reliability of your electronic assemblies.

Heating Technology




Supply voltage

230 V, 50 Hz

Temperature range

50 – 350 °C

Working surface

130 x 130 mm


255 x 200 x 63 mm


4.44 kg