TC-5062A TEM Cell

The TC-5062A, an economical UHF TEM Cell, is designed to deliver a reliable and consistent electromagnetic field for testing small RF devices like pagers, GPS receivers, and mobile phones. By applying an external test signal through its input port, the TC-5062A generates a predictable and stable TEM test field within the cell. Additionally, the cell allows for the detection of radiation emitted by a transmitting device through its port using a test receiver. The TC-5062A is optimized for medium accuracy measurements beyond the typical TEM Cell frequency range due to its unique and compact design.

  • Broadband TEM Cell up to 3 GHz
  • Small size, Small footprint for Desktop Application
  • High Effective Shielding
  • Specifically designed for all types of small RF devices
  • Optional DUT Rotator Available
  • DB25 I/O Module is standard, Optional I/O Modules Available: DB9 or USB 2.0
  • Auxiliary RF Port Built-In: 1 SMA (Outside and Inside)
  • RF Port: 1 N-Type for Septum

At Systec Designs, we offer comprehensive testing services using the TC-5062A TEM Cell. Our experienced team of professionals utilizes this cutting-edge device to deliver reliable and efficient testing solutions. By leveraging the TEM Cell’s consistent and predictable TEM test field, we ensure accurate evaluation of RF devices, helping you assess their performance, functionality, and compliance with industry standards. Experience the benefits of our TC-5062A TEM Cell and our expert testing services.



Frequency Range

100 MHz – 3 GHz


19 kg


344 (W) × 403 (D) × 675 (H) mm

Effective Cell Height

220 mm