Vector Network Analyzer VNA-0460E

The VNA-0460E is a compact 2½-port Vector Network Analyzer for precise micro-circuit measurement and analysis. It offers bi-directional capability and USB connectivity to a PC, allowing control over measurements, settings, data storage, and reporting. It evaluates components like antennas, attenuators, amplifiers, and more across popular telecom bands. The included software incorporates Match Circuit Calculator and Time Domain Reflection functions.

  • 2-port bidirectional VNA
  • Measure S11, S12, S21, S22
  • Sweep up to 20001 points
  • Port calibrated
  • Full 12-term normalization
  • Parametric sweeps
  • Match Circuit Calculator
  • De-embedding functions
  • Calkit manager

At Systec Designs, we provide VNA-0460e Vector Network Analyzer testing services for micro-circuits, ensuring optimal performance. Our experienced team provides precise measurements across a wide frequency range, including popular telecom bands. With cutting-edge equipment, we deliver detailed reports and insights to support product development and optimization efforts.

Frequency Range

400 MHz to 6 GHz



Return Loss

P1, P2 >15 dB


-30 to +5 dBm