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Navigating the FCC Jungle

Navigating the FCC Jungle

Embarking on the journey of introducing your product to the U.S. market? The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certification is your gateway, but navigating the certification wilderness can be challenging. Systec Designs is here to guide you through the FCC jungle, ensuring a seamless certification process.

RF Certification: CE vs. FCC

CE certification offers a self-certification procedure, allowing you to test your product and bring it to Europe’s market. However, FCC is a government body, and its compliance is mandatory for selling products in the U.S. Lacking an official FCC number will result in wallet-busting fines.

Systec Designs presents a comprehensive B2B device adaptation process designed for flawless functionality and regulatory compliance. Our services encompass everything from crafting detailed quotations to defining precise labeling requirements.

Decoding Frequency Specifications

Understanding the frequency range of your PCB is a first step on your journey to FCC compliance. This information is crucial for selecting the appropriate rule part. Frequencies can vary widely for wireless modules, so make sure you know the exact range.

FCC Compliance Evaluation

Many electronic devices, particularly those integrated with wireless communication capabilities, are commonly subject to FCC regulations. Identifying the specific FCC rules applicable to your product is equally crucial. This comprehensive evaluation ensures a streamlined path through the FCC certification process, facilitating compliance with regulatory standards.

Steps towards FCC compliance

RF Module vs. Device Approval

Module approval is the certification and approval of a standalone wireless communication module, which is a self-contained unit designed for specific wireless communication functions. It involves testing and certification of the module itself, ensuring it complies with regulatory requirements, such as those set forth by the FCC. Once certified, the module can be used as a building block in various devices without the need for separate RF testing.

Benefits: Module approval streamlines the certification process for device manufacturers since they can leverage pre-certified modules, saving time and money.

On the other hand, device approval refers to the certification and approval of the entire electronic device, which incorporates one or more wireless modules and may include additional components and functionalities beyond wireless communication. The certification process involves comprehensive testing of the entire device, considering aspects like electromagnetic compatibility, safety, and overall performance.

Benefits: While device approval is more comprehensive and potentially more time-consuming than module approval, it certifies the complete device, ensuring that it meets all regulatory standards and can be safely and effectively used by consumers.

Key Considerations

To ensure FCC compliance, a module must undergo several steps, such as:

    • Dedicated shielding for radio elements
    • Buffered inputs for data inputs
    • Independent power supply regulation
    • Antenna and transmission compliance
    • Stand-alone testing
    • Visible FCC ID labeling
    • Two-part warning label

These steps ensure compliance with part 15 requirements, maintain stable power supply regulation, and meet FCC regulations precisely.

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Post-FCC: What’s Next?

As your product achieves FCC compliance, there are essential steps post-certification. These include:

    • Creating multilingual manuals with FCC comments
    • Strategically shipping products to the U.S.
    • Ensuring compliance with UN38.3 certification for batteries

These steps ensure the product’s compliance with FCC regulations and a global market presence.
Following FCC certification, a focus on quality control during mass production is crucial, ensuring that your products maintain the highest standards of excellence. It is an integral part of our comprehensive services.

Our Commitment to Quality Production

Production and quality control post FCC at Systec Designs scheme


At Systec Designs, our commitment extends beyond FCC certification. We oversee the entire production process to ensure that the highest standards are met. From testing devices in different markets to thorough production control, we guarantee the quality and compliance of your products. For more insights or tailored guidance, get in touch with our expert team.

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