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Our Expertise in LoRaWAN

Our Expertise in LoRaWAN

At Systec Designs, we are proud to be at the leading edge of wireless technology, delivering innovative solutions for the rapidly evolving Internet of Things (IoT) landscape. With our deep expertise and commitment to pushing the boundaries, we have developed a range of advanced proof-of-concept solutions that are altering industries throughout the world. Systec Designs excels in wireless technology and IoT intricacies, making us a trusted choice for businesses seeking efficient solutions.
The LoRaWAN market has witnessed remarkable growth from 2018 to 2022 and is expected to continue expanding in Europe.

According to a report by Grand View Research, the global LoRaWAN market was valued at over USD 2 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach USD 11.3 billion by 2028, representing a substantial growth rate of more than 40%.

In Europe, the adoption of LoRaWAN technology has gained pace, driven by initiatives focusing on smart cities, industrial automation, and environmental monitoring. This growth is supported by an increasing number of LoRaWAN gateways deployed across European countries, enabling wide IoT network coverage.

In this blog, we will showcase our expertise in LoRaWAN principles using our Air Quality Sensor, Occupation Detection Sensor, and other proof-of-concept solutions. These devices will serve as a lens to demonstrate our deep understanding and proficiency in leveraging LoRa technology. Additionally, we will discuss the collaborative aspect of our work, emphasizing the importance of partnerships in advancing these innovative IoT solutions. Join us as we discover the complexities of LoRaWAN and uncover the significant impact it has across various industries.

Systec Designs’ Solutions

At Systec Designs, we understand that the development of IoT sensors is just the beginning. We place great emphasis on building a robust infrastructure. It involves registering sensors on the LoRa cloud, leveraging integrations for seamless data sharing, and actively seeking trusted partnerships to enhance scalability and security. Our comprehensive approach, combining firmware and hardware solutions, ensures reliable and efficient performance. Therefore, by fostering innovation and collaboration, we empower businesses to maximize the potential of our devices and achieve innovative outcomes.
To visually represent this infrastructure, we have included a diagram showcasing the key components of our LoRa IoT ecosystem.

Following the overview of the LoRa infrastructure elements, let’s look at the LoRa Node – our Air Quality Sensor.

Air Quality Sensor

Maintaining a healthy indoor environment is crucial for productivity, comfort, and well-being. Systec Design’s proof-of-concept Air Quality Sensors integrate wireless connectivity with precise monitoring of characteristics such as CO2 levels, temperature, humidity, dust, and even radiation. By providing real-time data, businesses can take proactive steps to ensure optimal air quality, resulting in healthier and more comfortable workplaces.

Collaborating with our trusted partners, we provide a comprehensive dashboard that enables the measurement and visualization of CO2, humidity, and temperature.

Air Quality Dashboard
This tool allows users to gain valuable insights and make decisions based on the collected data
Systec Designs LoRaWAN solution Augmented Reality Display on the tablet
An Augmented Reality display shows a combination of technologies monitoring CO2 level and temperature

Occupation detection

At Systec Designs, we have experience in developing a wide range of sensors for occupancy detection. Our expertise spans across different domains, including cargo and parking solutions.
Efficient parking management is essential for urban spaces and commercial facilities. Our proof-of-concept Parking Solution utilizes advanced wireless technology to provide real-time monitoring of parking spot occupancy. By installing sensors in each parking spot, businesses and municipalities can create a smart parking system that allows users to easily identify available parking spaces and streamline the parking process. This technology improves traffic flow, reduces congestion, and enhances the overall parking experience for drivers.
Ensuring efficient logistics operations is also crucial for businesses dealing with cargo handling. By installing sensors on the ramp itself, businesses can accurately detect and report the availability of the ramp for loading and unloading operations. This technology optimizes resource allocation, increases safety, and improves overall operational efficiency for cargo management.

Other LoRa proof-of-concept solutions

At Systec Designs, we excel at addressing unique challenges and delivering outstanding results through our extensive proof-of-concept solutions.
We have successfully developed a solution for roof bending to withstand the extreme winter conditions in Norway. Our comprehensive system accurately measures roof deformation from heavy snow, ensuring structural integrity.
In addition, our expertise extends to developing occupancy detection systems for working spaces and restaurants. Wireless sensors optimize space utilization, creating efficient and comfortable environments for employees and customers in businesses.
We have also designed solutions for monitoring office noise levels, detecting water leakage in data centers, controlling light levels for smart city maintenance, and even creating a fun beer counter. These projects demonstrate our versatility and commitment to delivering tailor-made wireless solutions across various industries and use cases.

Seeking Collaborative Partnerships

At Systec Designs, we recognize the power of collaboration. We actively seek partnerships with leading solution providers who share our enthusiasm for innovation as we continue developing advanced firmware and hardware solutions in the IoT industry.

By collaborating with like-minded organizations, we can combine our expertise and resources to develop cutting-edge IoT solutions that address the evolving needs of industries worldwide.

Together, we have the potential to shape the future of wireless technology and make an imprint on the IoT landscape.

These proof-of-concept solutions exemplify Systec Designs’ expertise in developing IoT solutions for diverse industries. By leveraging our wireless technology know-how, we deliver tailored systems that address specific needs, whether it’s creating a smart parking system or improving waste management operations. Our commitment to driving innovation and delivering tangible results makes us a trusted partner for businesses seeking cutting-edge wireless solutions.

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